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Reef Fishing Cornwall

Rods & Tackle Provided

Reef Fishing Prices:

4 Hour Trip @ just £40.00 per Person

6 Hour Trip @ just £60.00 per Person

8 Hour Trip @ just £75.00 per person

Prices inc rod hire and tackle.

Alternatively Full Day Boat Charter is available for groups or single occupancy; please use contact us for price and availability.

Typical Day

A typical day starts at 9am leaving the Harbour, we will often stop on the way to catch Mackerel for fresh bait if there are marks showing up on the way, otherwise we will catch the bait when we are on the grounds.

There is a lot to take into consideration when going on a Reef fishing trip, like the time of year will dictate what species are available, the state of the tide during your fishing trip, and weather you will be drift fishing or Anchored, also the type of ground to be fished i.e. Reef or Sandbank.


Sandbanks will hold a population of flatfish which could include Plaice, Turbot, Brill, Dabs, Flounder etc. so we will provide you a rig that will ensure you your bait was hard on the seabed.

Reef Fishing

Reefs can be quite varied in there make up, from large rocky pinnacles to relatively flat slate ground, Pollack and Bass will be found haunting the rocky pinnacles of a deep water reef whilst Congers and Ling are at home in the base of the pinnacles and also on the flatter marks.

Fishing on the drift or fishing at anchor, depth of water, tidal flow, flood or ebb tide, wind speed and direction, water temperature all need to be taken into consideration,

So where do you start, Firstly dependant on the time of year we will ask if there is a specific species of fish you wish to target, and then advise or provide the tackle to suit the prevailing conditions.