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Shark Fishing Cornwall

Shark fishing Prices

£120 or £650 for the boat

(Rods & Tackle Available)

Please contact us for availability.

An introduction & what to expect!

A typical day starts at 9am Leaving the Harbour for the fishing grounds some 12 to 20 miles out in the English Channel. We will often stop on the way to catch Mackerel for fresh bait if there are marks showing up on the way, otherwise we will catch the bait when we are on the grounds.

On arrival at the fishing grounds, bags full of mashed fish know locally as “Rubby Dubby” are hung from the side of the boat, this creates a scent to attract sharks to the area. Passengers can help increase the chances of catching a shark by frequently shaking the Rubby Dubby bag, which makes for a better scent and trail. The better the scent the better chances of attracting sharks into the area.

Tackle consists of a good quality rod and multiplier reel holding 300-400yards of 30-80lb line. A size 10/0 or 12/0 hook is baited with fresh mackerel and the lines are set at different depths and allowed to drift away from the boat (often we will drift several miles during the day, as the boats drifts with the wind and tide).

Whilst waiting for a shark bite you will be provided with a rod and reel to fish for other species such as mackerel, garfish or whiting. If you are new to fishing, Patrick is always on hand to help & teach.

When a shark takes the bait the audible ratchet on the reel will sound a warning and the float will slide away. Sharks often run several yards of line from the reel it is important not to strike too quickly, allowing the shark to take the bait properly.

Once the fish is hooked it is important to ensure that the clutch setting on the reel is not too strong so the shark can take line when running without fear of the line breaking.

Get ready for a big battle when you hook a Shark and start preparing your personal tail of how you caught a monster whilst fishing with Patrick on the Island Cruise.

Sharking “Catch and Release Policy” to Protect our Sport

We operates a strict ‘catch, tag & release’ policy when shark fishing. It is the only way forward if we are to keep a healthy shark fishery. Other Ports have found out that if you kill your sharks you also kill your sport.

We will try our hardest to unhook the shark, get you a decent photograph, then release within minutes of getting it aboard (giving the shark the best chance of suvival when realesed).